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Deep Blue was the IBM chess-playing-computer that created history by defeating the world champion Gary Kasparov. It is synonymous with unbeatable – just like the market leader Deep Blue   Fuel surcharge 1st January to 31st January     Domestic 27.5%     International 19.5%

Deep Blue Xpress was founded in 1996 to provide logistic consultancy & engineering services for large & medium sized companies. The company books small courier parcels to full Aircraft load consignments.

Under the leadership of Mr. M. K. Jain, the founder chairman of the organization, Deep Blue Xpress has an efficient team of management professionals who are working round the clock delivering value to their customers.

Deep Blue Xpress is in the age of capital business globalization. Changing political & economic system, assess to new markets, advanced logistics, physical distribution system & IT revolution have set the pace for globalization of Indian economy. Logistic strategy, engineering have been universally accepted as the functional part of business dynamics.

Competitive & dynamic business environment require efficient logistics consultants with the right connection/ aptitude. It is one of the most vital elements for organizational success 

Apart from efficiencies in major cities of India, we are in the international logistics business, having offices / representatives at every strategic location in Europe, Canada, Japan, North Central & South America and Africa. We are fully prepared to accept any challenges evolved - timely delivery, cost effectiveness, customized solutions, warehousing facilities in special cases.

Since inception we have healthy relations with our business partners like FedEx, DHL, TNT, UPS, ARAMEX & all the major Airlines.

We strive to help you achieve & Deliver More reducing operational expenses & streamlining global supply chain management.

Deep Blue Xpress is not just a courier & cargo agent but a complete logistics solutions provider. We specialize in International COURIER both export / import freight forwarding, be it by Air or Sea.

Due to our high volume commitment of courier & cargo to airlines, enjoy best rates/incentives, compared with the prevailing market and have space-allocation at our disposal, throughout the year.

Similar benefits are also available to us from reputed shipping lines.