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Services Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

1. How can I find locations that are serviced by your company?

To know whether our Company services the location you are looking for, simply click on "Network" and enter the postal code or destination name.

2. How can I learn about the status of my consignments?

On the Tracking Box, enter your consignment ID along with station code prefix to track your shipment.

3. How do I make a request for a courier to be picked up?

All you have to do is click on Pickup Request and enter your details.

4. With reference to dispatch of International shipments, can you tell me what the custom requirements are?

For this, you should click on International documentation.

5. With reference to domestic consignment dispatch within India, what are the regulations?

For this, you should click on Terms and conditions.

6. To avail your services on a regular basis, who should I contact?

Simply go to Network, and enter in the name of your city. Then check the collection center for details of a local contact in your city.

7. For further details about the delivery status of my consignment, whom should I contact?

The customer service team at the place of making the booking should be contacted. You could also choose to click on Network then, the name of the collection center; this will help you find a contact locally in your city.

8. How may I know the items that are banned for courier through your service?

Please click on Request to Patrons and check banned/dangerous articles.

9. Will any holidays affect service schedules in your company?

You can find this information under Service Guide and check for National Holidays.